Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I am testing a new trading strategy

The strategy is simple, straightforward and so far has been easy to follow. I will be posting my trades to site as an example. Here is a link to the game I created to test the strategy:

The strategy is simple : Invest in stocks that are doing well. When stocks are gaining in the market, they indicate an uptrend, and no matter what point you enter the uptrend, you can still make a profit.

He are my transactions for the last 3 days(I did not trade yesterday), Altera was the only one where I have made potential losses, as I brought it at a high (big mistake), but the strategy did work overall:

I did not hold any of the stocks for more than 1 day, once I made a gain I sold them. So here is the strategy : Pick out the first 5 gainers of the day, and select the best 3, which are likely to go up today, and invest at the pivot point price, that will likely hit several times in the day. Sell the same day, or the next, after you have made the profits. Do not wait for a couple of days, as uptrends often have a run for a few days, and there will be corrections. The idea is to sell before the correction happens.
This is the first part of my testing strategy. The second part of the strategy is to save your losses when dealing with loosing stocks, like the one I have for Altera. I will post an update on this soon.
Symbol Order Date & Time Trans Date & Time Type Shares Exec Price
GENE 4/1/15 3:25a 4/1/15 9:45a Sell 6000 $4.91
GENE 3/31/15 6:01a 3/31/15 9:45a Buy 6000 $5.08
KRFT 3/30/15 10:48p 3/31/15 9:31a Sell 510 $89.68
ABMD 3/31/15 5:59a 3/31/15 9:31a Sell 600 $73.00
KRFT 3/30/15 7:44a 3/30/15 9:32a Buy 510 $88.56
ALTR 3/30/15 7:48a 3/30/15 9:31a Buy 600 $43.80
ABMD 3/30/15 7:45a 3/30/15 9:31a Buy 600 $71.00