Monday, 9 December 2013

Stocks to watch Today

ADT: has been upgraded to outperform, given a target of $44-49. It is most likely to open high today, however, if you can buy the stock at a range of anywhere between $40 to $42 it is great BUY.

LNKD: has been recently upgraded, and considering that Chinese market has performed so well today, this stock is likely to go up today

CASY: will most likely cross the 75.44 median target today and cross the previous high of 76.21. However this should be short term buy as the upside is not that high for the time being. They are announcing their Q3 earnings today

FCE-A: was recently upgraded, and has an earnings report today. Most likely to go up.

Others : ALOG, STZ, CSCO

CSCO(Cicsco): has shown significant volume in the pre-market today
AEO: has been upgraded today to BUY
GIL: has been upgraded today to BUY
KRFT: has been upgraded to a BUY
VLO: has been upgraded to BUY
MPC: has been upgraded to a BUY
PL: upgraded to a BUY
MHK: upgraded to a BUY