Saturday, 25 January 2014

Applying Technical and market analysis to shortlisted stocks on 24th Jan (Fri)


GEL : Genesis Energy
The price target for this stock ranges from 52 to 60, and considering that it has already broken its low, there is a great likelihood that it will try to reach its median target, given the market is on a positive note on the day. Not from upside from thereof though.

SILC: Silicom Ltd.
the stock skyrocketed on Thursday based on the earnings report. This stock will definitely have more upside, do note that the low target is at 68, and it may definitely try to reach this target, and most probably go above it. People who bought it on Thursday or Friday, will definitely see an upside, and make some quick bucks.

LOGI: Logitech
The company has posted a great earnings, even though the stock price has shot very quickly very high, it did provide some good opportunities for people to buy the share on Friday. There is definitely more upside left, although, this will be very short term and will need continuous monitoring.

TECUA: Tecumseh Products
Slightly risky considering the change in Board, may be prone o a lot of insider trading at this point, but the technical indicators are definitely positive at this stage, so could be a good buy, but would need more in depth analysis
some high level analysis can be found here: